Our Company

Oto Rulman was established in 1986 by Nail and Metin Erakın. Headquarters is located in İzmir where has a strategical advantage in terms of logistics.

Although, Oto Rulman started out as a sole trade company, with the help of passing years Oto Rulman improved itself by whole trade and foreign trade activities then became official distributors of well- known bearing and belt brands.
  • Your Global Supplier
  • Over 45,000 Product Variety
  • Affordable Price & Service Quality
  • Durable and Long Lasting Products
By the means of experience and following the inovations, Oto Rulman transformed itself and succeed in managing a good place in power transmission industry. While the bearing product group was its main focus, adding value to its customers with its expanding product portfolio such as belts, pulleys, tensioners, water pumps, alternators, thermostats, timing sets, repair kits has become the primary goal of the company. Oto Rulman who has a 45.000 different products in the range, aims to supply the most appropriate price and the most qualified service to it’s customers by the means of having distributorships’ of the top brands of the automative industry.
With the expertise in the automotive industry, where competition and change is intensely observed, Oto Rulman keeps to provide high quality services to its customers in the industrial field. Oto Rulman participates both national and international fairs in order to follow sectoral changes and innovations to identify new potential requirements in the market and then cooperates with the manufacturers for launching new products to the market.Continuous customer satisfaction is aimed, with the help of having cooperation with both local and international business partners. All regions of Turkey can be reachable by the dynamic staff. Oto Rulman, which set up on a 3000m2 closed and 500m2 open area, continues its high quality and reliable service to its customers.